A JOURNEY to OUR ORIGINS by the PUNA & HIGH ANDES – Scientific & Educational Expedition 8D/7N


A JOURNEY to OUR ORIGINS by the PUNA & HIGH ANDES – Scientific & Educational Expedition 8D/7N


Unique interdisciplinary, scientific and educational expedition that plunges into the heart of the ecoregions of the Puna and the High Andes of Argentina (Tucumán, Catamarca, and Salta provinces), in order to unveil clues about the origin of the Universe, Planet Earth and Life, through observation and interpretation of the incredible nature resources. Guided by a team of renowned scientists of varied disciplines such as astronomy, geology, and biology, with an enormous didactic capacity to transmit their knowledge in intimate contact with nature to the participants, through eye-opening thematic, field talks and supported by modern equipment such as telescopes, field microscopes, and other instruments, all the time in mind-blowing settings. Tour operated by the outstanding Ampimpa Astronomical Observatory team with a several-decades background in education and scientific dissemination. Unparalleled and unforgettable experience, with great opportunities for sky and nature photography.



Ampimpa Astronomical Observatory; Fields of Pumice; Carachi Pampa Volcano and lakes; Galán Volcano, its caldera and fumaroles; Antofalla salt flat; Arizaro salt flat; stromatolites at “Ojos de Mar”; high Andes night skies; among many other sights and places.



Day 1: Transfer-in from Tucumán airport (TUC). Breakfast with the team; La Florida Nature Reserve; Los Sosa Gorge; Ampimpa Astronomical Observatory; talks: Astrophotography; Geology; stargazing at Ampimpa. Overnight: Ampimpa.

Day 2: Talk: From Big Bang to Humans; Talk: Solar System, Talk: Planet Earth and Life; transfer to the Puna region. Overnight: El Peñón.

Day 3: Fields of Pumice; Lake and Volcano Carachi Pampa; microorganisms observations; stargazing and astrophotography; talk: stromatolites. Overnight: El Peñón.

Day 4: Volcano Galán, its caldera and fumaroles; Laguna Diamante; Laguna Grande; microorganisms observation; flamingo and waterfowl watching. Overnight: El Peñón.

Day 5: Quebradas (gorges) and salt flats; Calalaste; Antofalla; Lake pozo Bravo; talk: astronomy; stargazing. Overnight: Antofalla.

Day 6: Laguna Verde; Arizaro salt flat; Arita cone; Tolar Grande; microorganisms observations. Overnight: Tolar Grande.

Day 7: Ojo de Mar; microorganisms observations; Desierto del Diablo (through a Martian-like landscape); Quebrada del Toro. Overnight: Salta city.

Day 8: Transfer-out to the Salta airport (SLA). End of Services.



Low-Moderate. No physical efforts required, but short walks above 4,500 meters a.s.l. Staying at high elevations above sea level may cause altitude sickness symptoms.



  • For all kinds of people in good health conditions.
  • Suggested ages between 14 and 65 years old.
  • No previous experience nor preparation required, but a basic knowledge of natural sciences may be helpful.
  • Warm clothing (eg. coat, hat, cap, gloves, etc.).
  • Some trekking gear (basically trekking boots and stick) may be necessary.
  • Photo camera (suggested).
  • We provide the participants with further information.




  • Transportation in comfortable vehicles.
  • Accommodation on double basis.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Full time scientific guiding and technical assistance.
  • Use of the field equipment and instruments (eg. telescopes, microscopes, cams, etc.).


Not included:

  • Services and excursions not mentioned.


Start & finish

This expedition starts in San Miguel de Tucumán and ends in Salta city.

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