The company

YANAVICO Expediciones de Naturaleza is a local tour operator (EVT Leg. N° 18.304 – Disp. N° 310/22) based in Jujuy, Argentina, South America, whose main objective is to generate memorable travel experiences for our clients through thematic tours of exploration, contemplation, observation, interpretation, and photography of the incredible nature and biodiversity of Argentina, always respecting the natural environment and local native cultures, through the follow-up of sustainable development guidelines.

The agency’s name, YANAVICO, regards to the common name that local people give to the Puna Ibis (Plegadis ridgwayi), a typical but scarce inhabitant of the Puna wetlands.

Our services

We specialize in outdoors activities, offering from half day outings to several days expeditions, mainly focused on birding, wildlife and nature watching, through a staff of expert field guides in different specialties, to guarantee a great and memorable experience to our clients.

The tours and expeditions may involve from short hikes up to long technical treks through the most amazing ecosystems of Argentina, for a wide range of nature lovers, enthusiasts, as well as for occasional nature tourists. They all offer great opportunities for nature photography.

Most of our tours and expeditions are private, flexible and customizable, so they are hired on-request (we offer anytime availability), while we strongly foster to travel in small groups of people.

Since putting together a custom tour may take some time, bookings should be made sometime in advance.