The team


Francisco Cornell

Birding guide

Francisco is a birding and nature guide, tour leader, founder of Birding Jujuy and Yanavico Expediciones de Naturaleza. He grew up in Jujuy province and since very young he felt attracted by nature so he started to explore and study the landscapes and wildlife of this unique part of Argentina. He became a self-educated birder, took part in projects related to the conservation of nature and biodiversity, as well as worked for researchers in their field expeditions. He has a wide knowledge of the region and since 2000, he has been guiding birders and nature tourists from all over the world, through his customized naturalist expeditions. He is fluent in English, is an official birding guide for: the Calilegua National Park, the magnificent Quebrada de Humahuaca, and the incredible Laguna de Pozuelos Natural Monument, among many other great places to be discovered. He has got a degree in sustainable tourism.

Tour leaders

Freddy burgos

Biologist and birding guide

Freddy has got a University degree in Biology, and he currently is a PhD student working on phylogeography and evolution of vocalizations of Andean birds in montane forests in NW Argentina. He has extensively travelled and birded the southern Andes and has a passion for work in remote areas, recording bird sounds and taking photographs of wildlife. He also likes bird guiding to share his expertise and knowledge with people and nature tourists.

Fabricio C. Gorleri

Biologist and birding guide

Fabricio is an Argentine biologist and freelance birdwatching guide from Formosa. Since an early age, his passion for birdwatching led him to dedicate his professional career to studying and conserving the Neotropical birds. In addition to his work as a bird guide, he is currently pursuing a PhD at the National University of Tucumán, researching the migratory patterns of South American birds. Fabricio also leads the eBird project in Argentina as part of the scientific team of Aves Argentinas, an organization dedicated to the conservation of the country’s birdlife. He collaborates on various bird conservation projects in the region and plays an important role in the development of birding tools such as Merlin Audio ID. With extensive experience in northern Argentina and neighboring countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay, and southern Brazil, Fabricio is a passionate bird guide committed to providing unique and enriching experiences on his tours. His ability to detect birds by their song is perhaps his best virtue. For him, birdwatching is a way to connect with nature and value the importance of its conservation.

Natalia L. Lamas

Professional astrotourism guide (TAP)

Natalia was born in Jujuy, Argentina. She has a degree in inbound tourism. Since 2010 she has worked as a tourist guide in the different regions of the province. She has made numerous exploration trips, trekkings, mostly through Quebrada de Humahuaca and Puna, and even some high mountain ascents (e.g. Tuzgle Volcano – 5,530 masl). Motivated by her admiration and interest in the night skies of the Andes, she specialized in astronomical tourism at the Instituto Latinoamericano de Astroturismo, as well as taking several courses on the subject (e.g. The skies of Jujuy), having obtained the professional astronomical tourism guide (TAP) certification. She currently carries out her venture Capricornio Astroturismo, through which she offers guided night outings for observation and interpretation of the incredible Andean night skies, to enter the world of the cosmos from proposals of touristic and recreational experiences.